Patios & Walkways

A new masonry project for your property can make all the difference. A smooth, winding walkway can lend a professional air to your business, just as a stone patio is warm and inviting in your backyard. At Oakwoods Landscape Construction, we can add that timeless, handsome quality to any area to create stonework that is truly unique.

Oakwoods Landscape Construction Our master masons use the finest materials - brick, granite, bluestone, cobble, concrete, antique stone, and more – and the most skilled labor to complete residential and commercial projects of every size. We have the capabilities to match your personality and give your real estate new life with perfectly placed stones that will never move.

All of our patio and walkway work is unrivaled in eastern Massachusetts and comes backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. Contact Oakwoods today and let us improve your yard, your home, your business with a professional hardscape that’s designed to inspire.